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So I was up on the hills where I live the other day just after it stopped a heavy burst of raining. As you hit the top of the highest hill, you're greeted by miles of seemingly untouched green land and it's awe inspiring in short and it's where I go for insight, inspiration and overall contentment. We all have our 'place' be it physically or mentally where we become 'wise and all knowing' about the idea of life as a whole and the hills are my place.

But that's not what this note's about, it's to share something I mentally debated and concluded there with you. We've all heard, thought or at some point in our lives asked the question "What's the meaning of life? Why are we here anyways? What is our purpose? What is MY purpose?" And the answer, for me, came with out even asking the question that day.Our intelligence as a species has both made us excel and at the same has restrained us in how we see or understand things. It's caused us to believe we're seperate to the 'animals' that roam the world, we're 'more'. It's also meant we challenge and question everything we come across in the world and a lot of that challenging and the ability to question has enabled us to believe we're meant to be here for something, our existance isn't random, it's to serve a purpose of some kind.

I don't believe life is that complex and cryptic at all, just our intelligence has made it seem so. I believe our meaning of life is to experience life. A bit vague and anti climatic I know but why shouldn't it be? In our desperate search to find purpose as a life form we've created all sorts of ideologies and religions to live by in belief that this is why we're here. I believe that we should really understand stress, joy, fear, relief and any other emotion or sense, soft, hard, warm, cold and be able to relate a personal experience with all emotions and senses etc. We're given this huge sandbox to experience, experiment with and learn called earth and our ability to play in that sandbox to experience what we desire is life itself. Learning that for myself really brought on a sense of gratitude and vitality.

That is not to say I believe any other out look on life is wrong, not at all. No matter your religion, goals or general way of life, if you're happy with it that's it! We all have our religions and gods, religion is just another word for beliefs anyway and mine is to experience, my God is mother nature. Of course being so young I may just be naive in thinking in the way I do but then again when do we actually stop being a naive know it all? When we're old and know it all?


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I just do what I enjoy doing most! and that's expressing yourself in as many ways as possible.

I tend to stick to comedy, literature and art.

My life is gaming XD Especially horror or old school so what I'll mainly post on here will be related to that :P

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